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Leadership Tango® Workshop
Learn the Art of Human-Centered Leadership

This is a unique workshop!

Embark on a transformative journey to master the art of human-centered leadership, inspired by the enchanting art of Tango. This workshop offers a unique opportunity to explore profound parallels between the dynamics of Tango and effective leadership skills. 

Learn how to:

  • Develop empathy and emotional intelligence for more human-centered leadership

  • Foster effective communication and collaboration for strong teams

  • Master agility and adaptability to navigate change with grace

  • Master the art of building strong teams and fostering a flourishing work environment


No prior Tango experience required!

Your benefits

  • Leadership: Enhance and expand leadership skills in the digital age

  • Teamwork: Apply Tango principles to communication and collaboration for improved teamwork

  • Communication: Effectively develop emotional intelligence, communication skills, and the ability to connect with others

  • Personal Development: Unleash your leadership potential, regardless of your current position


"Highly recommended, and a lot of fun!" - P.S., Executive Coach & Author

"The swapping of lead roles and the change of partners during the dance made me think about how leadership should work in the workplace... Communication is about listening to both sides and finding a solution that benefits everyone." - J.C., Executive at an International Organization

Organizational Information

  • Target audience: Leaders or entire teams who want to improve their communication and collaboration skills

  • Duration: ½ - 1 Day

  • Location: On-site or off-site

  • Number of participants: 2 - 40

  • Dates: Regular public workshops (see Events for updates) or tailored to your availability

  • Expert Guidance: Our Leadership Tango workshops are conducted by experienced Human Business Guides and renowned Tango instructors.

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